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BCO Objectives

Step 1

We identify our church members in dire need of some help

Some people may not feel comfortable with publicly identifying themselves as needy. Some may have nowhere else to seek for help and may continue to suffer in silence. We designed this web site to make it possible for such people to anonymously inform the church community of their plight. That way we can try to identify who they are.

Step 2

We publicise their needs anonymously to other church members

We then collect their information through this web site and verify their identities and information after which we anonymously post their requests on our public facing web site. Their identities will not be made public.

Step 3

We encourage other church members (who are able) to assist

Once the requests are posted on the public facing site of our web site then the church community can go through the list of requests and choose those they want to help. The help is not restricted to only church members as the general public can also assist. We would encourage those who can help to chip in. No amount is too small.

Step 4

Members (givers) can then log into this web site to say how they can assist

When other church members view the list of requests and decide to help someone they would then contact the church through the web site and indicate how they wish to assist. The assistance could be monetary or physical or both.

Step 5

We get in touch with the members who volunteer to assist

After members of the church community and others send the information indicating how much they wish to contribute or how they wish to render physical help the church would get in touch with them by email or phone to arrive on the best way to facilitate their assistance to the receiver.

Step 6

When we get donations from givers we make them available to receivers

Once the church confirms with the givers and obtains the resources from them they contact the receiver and arranges the transfer to him/her. In the case of physical help, the helper and the receiver are connected so they can make the proper arrangements on how to meet.