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Eviction Prevention Assistance
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Hi my name is Chiquita Younger. I am in need of rental assistance. My family was in a car accident in December. After missing work for injuries, we fell behind on rent. We are only a month behind, but I have no way of catching up at this moment. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Location:   Baltimore, MD   Date of Submission:  8/28/2019 7:56:30 AM
Urgent!! Help a member stay in their house.
Submission Details (What this member needs)
I am writing on behalf of a member of our church family. A member's house was sold due to failure to pay property taxes. They fell behind because of unexpected medical situation and lose of job. They need about $6000.00 to redeem their home. We have already raised about $2000.00. Can you please help this member of our family? Any help will be greatly appreciated. To help, please contact Bro. Gideon Obi at 301-756-4576, Cashapp at $GideonObi or give to the Church reference this post. Thanks in advance for your support.

Location:   Greenbelt, MD   Date of Submission:  7/31/2019 3:03:29 PM
Housing Assistance
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My parents separated and we lost our house a number of years ago. We are currently renting a basement in the Gaithersburg area near Costco. I am requesting and praying for help for us to get a place of our own. My mom is 57 years old so she needs this place more than I do. I heard Bishop talking about this and I said to myself "finally, Lord thank you for a way!" We lost a town house so I am claiming the promise that what we lost we will get back, but better! I know that GOD will answer our prayer. Thank you and GOD bless.

Location:   Gaithersburg, Maryland   Date of Submission:  5/22/2019 1:24:11 PM
housing for myself
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I am living with my daughter and my life has always been alone, and now I want my own place in society.

Location:   Montgomery Village, MD   Date of Submission:  1/30/2019 10:37:31 AM